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3 key projects from my career in urban permaculture and in community based agricultural permaculture project

Renovation of an urban block – 4-500 people – bioregional demand less than 1 ton CO2 pr person pr year – 1 liter of pure groundwater pr day (rest provided by rainwater collection, and purifacation of grey water) – 12-15 % of food from green houses, court yard, and ponds – 100 % recycling of nutritions and waste

Furthermore did we develope a model for calculation of the energyresources, to become loower then a consumption than 1 ton CO2 pr person.

an bioregional permaculture project GULEREER on 1,5 ha, 25 km from Copenhagen center: food for 10-12 people, vegetables, chicken, eeg, ducks, carps, fruit, berries – energy providede through carbon sequestration in trees, bushes and soil, for covering transport from the city and for small machinery in the projects – collection af rain water in lakes for supplement og ground water, used in the city by about 20 persons with 15 liter pr day – wiev project: www.permahaven.dk

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