About Tony Andersen permaculture

My name is Tony Andersen and I am architectural planner. I have been working with permaculture since 1980.

In the beginning I started with Urban Permaculture in Copenhagen downtown area of Vesterbro in Copenhagen. During a urban reneval proces from -89 to -99, we developed a series of projects, according to the permaculture strategies. All projects supported by the ministeries for enviroment, energy and planning. When the municipality realized we documented the enviromental and decentralised consequences of the urban renewal projects, they stopped funding us in 1993, after that we have only been able to do smaller projects.

One of these projects are an Urban-land project outside Vesterbro in the countryside – the Gule Reer project (see www.permahaven.dk)

During my carrier in Permaculture have a participated in several of the International convergences and conferences: – 1989 in New Zealand – 1991 in Nepal – 1993 in Scandinavia – 2005 in Croatia – 2007 in Brasil – 2010 in Jordan. At the Scandinavian and in Croation, I were the main organiser.

In connection to the contacts from these events have I taught 72 hour PDC-courses, been an adviser to local projects and a mentor in setting up principles for associations and  local convergences and diploma processes – as such have I worked in Czeck republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium and in Brasil.

In relation to these activities I have been part of executing and formulating several papers on Permaculture subjects brought up at the IPCC´s and in relation to discussion on my trips ad my work in the International Permaculture Network

The most important have we named Pamphlets – tha first ones ”Nordic” since  the initiative was taken by seminars of Nordic Permacuture teachers in 2006.

You will find them on this website.

I and we are still working on new and wider papers in developing Permaculture as the strategy for executing the existing of a diverse and prosperous biological globe and the developement of practical and political solutions in the care for humans, for the globe and for the equal distribution of resources.

Those will be distributed continously.



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